Working for the man

By working for the man, I mean for myself and for the director of a play who also happens to be my ladyfriend and domestic partnertron.  It’s the worst!

Possible Worlds (the play I’m producing, marketing and stage managing with Arcana Theatre) is two weeks away. The scenes are coming together deliciously, and now it’s time for all that technical stuff to get worked on… sounds, sets, some rather unique props; and posters!

Poster for possible worlds, photo of a beach at sunset and details of the play's performance dates

This poster says more about the play to those that have seen it (the picture of the beach is relevant to the plot). I hope that not only will it be intriguing to newcomers, but when people see it afterwards they have a little twinge moment.  The original design had the title text backwards (bold statement!) but this was quite reasonably overruled.

Handbills, too! (or Ravecards, as the printer called them). We just ask that rather than throwing it out if you’re not interested, give it to someone else, or at the very least try out a new paper airplane design.









Also in Arcanaworld, there’s a website up finally which I designed as well, naturally. It’s the lite version for now, but I have some cool ideas for what it might become. And an ‘about us’ page should be popping up fairly soon.

And lastly, our Arcana logo has undergone a revision, and in my opinion a vast improvement. Judge for yourself, disagree if you must, but those fancy display fonts just aren’t always necessary. Mr Crow is looking a whole lot more distinguished now. (and thanks to Axl T. Ernst for the wonderful illustration!) Old, then new:

Old Arcana Theatre logo

All I really mean to say by all of this, though, is: if you’re in or near London, Ontario, I’d love if you came to check out John Mighton’s Possible Worlds this late-July-to-early-August.

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