First Day of the Rest of my Life (again)

April 25th, 2011

This past Thursday was the Advanced Multimedia (soon to be Interactive Media Specialist) thesis showcase. We got to show off our thesis projects to invited dignitaries from the web/development industry, prospective students, and our teachers.

So we were handing in our final assignments and getting them marked, talking to potential employers and definitively marking the end of school all at once. I finally got to see what all my classmates had been working on all term. It had a nice Yes! We did it! finality. And despite that I made silly of myself by mistaking pumpernickel for a 2-bite brownie and forgetting my proper shoes at home as I scrambled to be ontime after squashing a last minute bug, I’m feeling good about it.

I’ve been a bit off the map trying to turn my thesis project into everything I hoped for it to be. And while it’s not all that, it looks very good, and does quite a lot of what it ought to. Read the rest of this entry »