Sanguine: Diabetes Management Evolved

No that’s not the real tag-line. And maybe not the real name, either. But it’s what I’m going to be spending most of my life doing for the next 5 months or so. So I gotta call it something.

A highly intuitive desktop application for entering, reviewing and analyzing information associated with the treatment of type 1 diabetes.  Geared specifically towards users of insulin pumps, with the option to import data from Medtronic Minimed pumps.

I’ve never been quite satisfied with the software available to help me manage my diabetes and my insulin pump (official or otherwise), so I’m using the Advanced Interactive Media thesis project as an opportunity to correct that. I have quite a few very exciting ideas for how to use the power of computers to really streamline the process of analyzing and keeping track of blood sugars and you’ll probably see more on that here as I develop things further.

Here’s a pdf summary of the project at its inception stage, given as a handout for my thesis presentation this past week. It won’t entirely make sense without me to talk through it, but I am unleashing it upon you regardless.

Pdf version of Sanguine leave-behind

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