A Calendar Cometh

The last few days, instead of working on the 3 large projects due next Friday, I’ve been designing the exterior and interior of a Calendar. ┬áThe concept is pretty straightforward: 12 actors from the London theatre community playing 12 of Shakespeare’s best female characters, photographed by Echo Gardiner.

Cover for Arcana Theatre's Women of Shakespeare Calendar

It’s to support Arcana Theatre’s upcoming production of John Mighton’s Possible Worlds. Which I contributed a quick teaser poster for. I did it quick, but I’m pretty pleased with how it shaped up.

Arcana Theatre presents Possible Worlds by John Mighton. July 26 - August 08. The Arts Project

Since it’s being produced and directed by my life-partner Valerie, I expect I’ll continue to have a lot to do with this production. Which is thrilling. I miss the theatre a little bit, and this particular play is really good.

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