New Portfolio Piece: Keyed Out

I recently completed putting together a video for a greenscreen assignment at school.  Pretty simple concept, but also unique (hopefully slightly strange and worrying as well).  I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, though I must say working with that many effects in After Effects really does make me long for one of those 20k ubercomputers. Have a look and let me know what you think!

Huge thanks to Zak for being such a good sport about going to space, Africa, Germany etc. Next time I do a green screen project, though, I may be tempted to use someone a little bit shorter, or at least a wider angle camera, or a larger room. Keying out all the green spill created by Zak pressed up against the screen in order to fit his full figure in the shot was not ideal. I found out afterwards that the viewfinder on the borrowed camera doesn’t show nearly the whole frame and there was actually much more space above and below than we realized while shooting.  So learn from that!  I learned a lot of other things doing this project as well, but it was all along the lines of reinforcements of obvious things (of course a very detailed shot-list and angle list is a rather important thing to have going into a shoot, and of course making sure the lighting on your green screen is even and lighting on your actor matches where he’s going to get put will help you a lot).  If you’re into homemade greenscreens (As I was for some footage we didn’t manage to get at the College) I recommend a stretchy fabric and some kind of frame if possible rather than a cloth… fewer wrinkles!  We actually got better footage that way than with the professional one at Fanshawe.

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